I'm using these pages to document my work on the car.  There are a number of pages here. You can access them through various routes:

This image has hotspot hyperlinks - click on the component & be directed to the page for that system. The links are also listed below the image.

Driveshafts Water Pump Clutch & Transmission Firewall Insulation Fuel and Air Cooling System Cooling System Oil Filter Relocation


Here's a list of systems, in the same order (I think) as Haynes) 

System Item Work to be done  
Engine Valve Lash Reset valve lash Completed June 2003.  Easier job than on the 25, as there is no intake plenum in the way
  OIl Filter Relocation Kit Relocated to where I don't need a double jointed anorexic to replace it.
Fuel & Air Carburetor Rebuild April 2003
  Air induction system Replace filters March 03
    Rationalize PCV and Vapor recovery tubing arrangements July 03
    Clean up and refurbish filter canister July 03
    Fuel lines and filter February 05
Cooling system Coolant Flush system and refill July 03.  Some rust and crap, but not too bad.
  Water Pump Replaced Summer 04
  Radiator Hoses Replace all -  
  Heater Hoses Replace all February 2005
  Radiator Recored March 2005
  Fans Replaced March 2005
Ignition  points system replace with electronic trigger  
Clutch New Clutch   Summer 04
  Hydraulic Clutch Actuator How it works Summer 04
    installation Summer 04
Driveshafts CV & Triax new boots & repack with grease.  
Hydraulics Fluids Hydraurincage Installed June 03
  Filtration Install remote filter in  return line Installed August 03
  small return pipes - Leaks Rebuilt February 2005
  return pipes - Rilsan Rebuilt February 2005
  Spheres Replace all seven All except primary accu replaced june 03
  Primary accumulator Relocate to more accessible location  
  rear suspension link Replace pins August 03, a preventative measure, as one of the pins failed on the 25
  Hydraulic Clutch installed as part of prestige transmission  
  Pipe Routing    
  Making Flared Pipe    
  Paint all LHM bits Green   Vert AC 502, Pantone 350
Interior seating surfaces Reupholstery  
Trunk Interior Sound insulation  
    Carpet and trim finishing  
Chassis / Body   Rust underspray  
    need better mirror glasses  
Electric   new Wiring on headlights  
    starter relay bypass  
    trace and label all the other shit  
    clean up harnesses  
    rebuild headlights  
    repeaters on mirrors  
  Alternator replace (?)  
    Relocate above A/C Compressor  
Air Conditioner   replace compressor  
    replace condensor March 2005
    Replace Evaporator  
    new evaporator in package shelf  

So how much is this costing?