First to come out was the cooling system.  Radiator, hoses, fans, fan wiring harness, recovery system, and heater hoses.  The water pump will  wait until the powertrain is out.


The radiator seems to be in pretty good shape structurally.   When it warms up a little more, I will give it a thorough flushing with water.  When I changed the coolant in summer 2003 the old coolant was in decent condition. 

I had the radiator recored in Spring 2005.  Might as well get going with a nice clean & clear new core.  I did not realise how bad the original one was until I saw the new core in place.

Cooling Fans


The hoses between the water pump and the radiator will be replaced with Coolflex hoses. I have minimal expectation of finding OEM hoses  for this application. Besides, anything OEM has probably been sitting on a shelf for about 15 years.   I'm a little concerned about the clearance between the accessory pulleys and the radiator.  I think a 90 degree fitting off the radiator & then running the coolflex parallel to the radiator until it clears the pulley should work.


New Cooling hoses aft of the water pump are here.

The new installation of the recored radiator, new condensor, and new fans is here.

Water Pump

I found a new OEM pump on Ebay, so the old one gets pitched. Replacement of the pump is here.

Air Conditioning