The clutch system will necessarily take place in stages.  1st, the hydraulic control and supply lines will be installed.  2nd, the master cylinder.  The rest of the installation will have to wait until after the engine is returned to the car.  At that point I will be able to connect the hydraulic control, supply and return lines.

Hydraulic lines:

First, there were some HP lines to the Steering Control Unit that would have interfered with the location of the Clutch Master Cylinder.

Two images of the master cylinder close to its location.


I fabricated a the HP line between the Master Cylinder and the Clutch:

At the firewall

down where the accumulator was:


I created a new line to a T-junction that sends pressure to both the front height corrector and the clutch master cylinder.  This junction is unusual in that it splices a 4.5mm line into a 3.5mm line.  The suspension is supplied from a 3.5m line, the clutch uses 4.5mm.

I painted the clutch lines red to ease identification.

That's all that is installed now.  I will update this page when I have installed the master cylinder and the transmission.

Here's the underside of the transmission.  The clutch bellhousing is on the left, the transmission case on the right.