The Hydraulic Clutch:


The Heavy Work


Harness Reconstruction


Remote Oil Filter

Winter / Spring 2004 transmission replacement.

Through chance, or whatever, I found a 1980 Prestige with a 5-speed transmission.  The prestige was in Toronto (actually GTA), it had about 40,000 miles on the clock when it came off the road.  Apparently  the original owner had stroke while it was in the shop (probably from the estimate for the work).   The car sat around for about two years until the current owner bought it. 

I was having the TRX snows (yes, they really did exist) reset on the Peugeot's rims on December 31st &  I realised that I had a four day weekend coming up, with no real obligations.   So, I made a spur of the moment trip up to TO to pull the transmission from the Prestige.   It took a full two days of work, while a cold front was coming in.  I was completely exhausted at the end of the second day, but I had a transmission.  For the moment, it sits in the back of miss puggy, adding some extra weight over the rear axle.

Near the end of February, the weather warmed up enough to make working in my garage tolerable.   While the powertrain is out of the car, I plan to renovate / rebuild a number of systems on the car.  I have been using my Haynes, RTA, and Citroen manual as guides for the pull, but I have decided to pull the bits by system, and group them accordingly.  As they come out, I plan the replacement and modification of the systems.