Air Induction System.

When I took the car out for its first trip in March, I noticed stumbling and stalling on acceleration, particularly above 3,000 rpm. The car originally had a permanent air filter, the type meant to be periodically washed in gasoline.  For reasons of dry rot, cold, whatever, the permanent filter element broke down in to tiny little bits, about the size of coffee grounds.  All these little particles were sucked through the intake system, and some of them lodged into the jets and emulsion tubes of the carburetor.  The emulsion tubes for the second and third circuits on the carb were full of this crap!  This incident prompted the rescheduling of the planned carb rebuild.  


The permanent air filter was replaced with two paper elements designed for the jaguar 6-cylinder.  The two disposable elements, stacked one atop the other, fit perfectly in the cylindrical filter housing.  The pcv hoses were rerouted such that crankcase gases either bypass the carburetor or are filtered first.  The original design had crankcase gases running directly into the carb, with no filtration.  Fucked.


Here are two retarded CAD drawings of before and after the PCV hose relocation.  No, I did not bother to make them to scale. It would take too much time to measure everything.  Besides, youíll get the idea well enough.

Old System

New System