What a fucking mess.  Actually, the 25GTi might be worse, but there's still a lot of messy wiring involved here.

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I'm thankful that I have several shop manuals with diagrams of the electrical system as the car was designed.  These help in figuring what was originally there versus what is there now. 

The part numbers correlate to the table in RTA for the 2200's electric system.



Part#  & Name Existing condition Revised installation Parts necessary
1 Front right side lamp & turn Signal M-F blade terminal, exposed; wired from the left side of car, across radiator; ground wire back across car to ground wire. F blade terminal insulated heat shrink.

Ground at new grounding point on right fender.

F blade terminal
2 Right headlamp I forget, I tore it out so long ago.  At least there was a rubber boot Main beam gets universal pre-wired 3-terminal connector. Weather pack at connector pigtail. Grounding at nearest fender

High beam gets new bulb and mounting, weather proof.

All packed with dielectric grease

everything through a relay actuated by light switches.

3-terminal connector. New driving light bulb with connector.  3-wire weather pack

2-wire weather pack


3 relays, 1 for each circuit.

3,4 Electric horns M-F blade terminals exposed, grounded through mounting screw. F blade terminal insulated heat shrink.  Perhaps a supplemental ground wire. 2 f  Blade terminals
5 Right Headlamp same as above    
6 Left Front sidelamp & turn Signal same as above    
8 Thermoswitch on Radiator M-F connectors, exposed, ground wire off  to some 'ground wire' F heat-shrinks, ground directly to chassis New Switch , F heat shrinks,  see cooling system page
10 electro-fan original pair of 10-blade fans mounted in massive aluminum frames that block half the radiator.  Incomprehensible rigging of relays from thermoswitch, air conditioner, ignition, & who knows what else. new 14" curved-blade fans with open design to allow flow while car is in motion,

new harness,  new relays

see cooling system page
11 Starter Paris -Rhone D9E16

Solenoid actuated directly from ignition key switch

new cable from battery, relay energised by keyswitch connects battery (+) directly to solenoid. Installed December 11, 2004. 


12 Alternator Paris-Rhone A14 R 13,  14V, 75A output. external voltage regulator, P-R AYC 2114 Ideally, relocate away from the water pump and the exhaust.  Likely on the A/C compressor bracket, driving from the spare pulley on the compressor. alternator
13 Coil old piece of shit.  Whenever it rained, the electric connector at the top would fill with OIL and the car would not start until I drained it out.  Water displaces oil.  I don't want to think about it. New electronic ignition system. all control wires to be rationalised. electronic ignition
14 HT pickup for the diagnostique plug gone.  
15 Horn Compressor actually still functions, but is in the way. horns to be relocated, new harness to be created  
16 Compressor Relay part of the mess on the port wheelarch. to be rationalised.  
17 Battery      
18 Voltage  Regulatior next to the battery, a perfect place for tearing wires when installing the battery. likely to be supplanted by a modern alternator gone
19 HT pickup for #1 Cylinder more diagnostique shit gone  
20 Distributor original points & condenser setup, with some "transistor" pack piggybacked on the side.  centrifugal advance only. ideally, replace it with a distributor with centrifugal and vacuum advance.

Photoelectric trigger to replace the points & condenser.

pull distributor from junkyard
21 Windscreen Washer Pump non functional. to be replaced, wiring rationalised. new pump
22 Diagnostic plug full of dirt & grease gone  
23 Engine Oil Pressure Switch   clean terminal, replace connector with insulated & heat shrink, routes through main connector, to be replaced. main connector replacement, new switch
25 carburetor fuel cutout solenoid OK, cleaned during carb rebuild Clean terminal, Main connector replacement
26 Coolant temp Thermal switch connected to dashboard idiot light Connect to real temperature gauge. new sensor
27 TDC pickup part of the 'diagnostique' gone.  
28 Reversing lamp switch the one connector in the engine compartment actually with a protective boot a good shot of terminal cleaner, some dielectric grease, and it goes back on.