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I've come to really appreciate the snow at   Lots of powder,  with a little weight to it, so you  don't just sink into it on board.    Not as cold as the Rockies, either.

Here I am at  the midmountain lodge on Blackcomb Mountain.
This was the year that I got hit on the back of the head by a lift char.  I was riding up with Max, who was on his second year of snowboarding, and he fell at the top of the lift.  Easy to do on a single speed lift on  a board.  I was trying to help Max stay up, but he took me down with him.  I sit up, and BAM, the following chair hits me.   Fucking liftie just stood there  & didn't even move to slow down the lift.  Asswipe was probably stoned.  I went and screamed at the head of lift operations, but she didn't really seem to care.  I guess since Canadians don't have punitive damages, they are comfortable letting stoned kids operate ski lifts.    Henceforth, I always wear a helmet.   Actually it's for the better, because I have more confidence when I am riding through the trees, where the really awesome fresh is.


Slopeside at:


A little overexposed   The camera was fucked, but you don't find out details like this until you return home and have the photos printed.

Tomaz and me.

Tomaz is an interesting guy.  He has a catering company & his specialty is a cake that is dress for Barbie.  It's fabulous

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A town we visited en route to Las Lenas