We flew into San Rafael because it is the closest airport to Las Lenas.   The 'airport' consists of a small building in the middle of fields.   I swear they had to chase the goats off the runway so the plane could land.     Remember in the old days how the airline had a sheet of stickers, each sticker representing a seat on the plane?  Take a sticker off, put it on the ticket, and the seat is assigned.  Still in use. It's actually quite an elegant system, just seems rudimentary these days.

  The frog I picked up at a Gay Ski week in Whistler.  I forget which one.  The frog was part of a scavenger hunt.  Each clue led to a place that had to be photographed with the frog, as proof that you were there.  I kept the frog & I take pictures of it in unusual places.  I originally meant to send the photos back to the scavenger hunt organisers in Whistler,  but I never bothered.