I really like the Weber approach to carburetors.  I think the design approach is very elegant, with a minimum of moving parts.  But, one downfall of the design is that the jets invariably get clogged up with crap.  On the 2200, the mesh cover on the charcoal canister decomposed, allowing all those bits of charcoal to get sucked into the engine.    The charcoal was about the size of large coffee grounds, perfect for blocking the jets and passages. 


Citroen made a running change in the CX carburetors, adding what they called a 'tamis-filtre' (filter sieve). to the carburetor deck /  bowl cover. 

I fabricated something similar, using a metal mesh 'splatter screen' .  A splatter screen is used over a pan to keep hot oil from splattering out.

First rough cut:


After a bit of trimming.



The screen will be pressed flat against the carburetor deck when the plastic intake plenum is in place.