They parked us  Here before we got on the boat.  Very gloppy baroque. Although they did do a good job of hiding the fact that it was Starwood.   I'm glad I did not find out until afterward - it would have totally ruined the experience had I known it was part of some American hotel chain.

I think this was across from the St. Stephens Church.

The St. Stephen's church.  The tile roof reminded me of Beaune

More on St. Stephen's:

This caught my eye.  No idea what it is.


Interesting building.



look momma!!  Cindyrelly's castle!!  Jes like they got at Disneyland!!



Some interesting Public Art


Saw many headache-inspiring facade ornamentations in Vienna.


This is a serious cantilever.  It's the new entrance for the Albertina Museum.  It has a delightful architectural  & engineering arrogance.  "I can create an enormous cantilever because I am smart and capable of great things."


Interesting commentary on the museum's renovation.


Fun fish motif for the Austrian Film Museum

The Austrians seemed to have more of a sense of playfulness and bon vivant than  the Germans.


Interesting treatment of building corners that I noticed through the region.

The fact that this statue is supported by just three of the horse's four legs is supposed to be an achievement.

"you bitches just  sit around & listen to music all day while I do all the work!"

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!!! Macy's is having a sale on shoes!"


"I smell fish."

"Top o' da food chain!"
"Sit boo-boo, sit."

This reasonably restrained building  immediately faces....

this gloppy old thing.  King whoever got all bent out of shape over the bank, above.  I guess he wanted bling-bling everywhere.  notice the statues at the base.

nice shaft.

Central Vienna had lots of these tree-lined boulevards.  Very Nice.