Our first stop out of St. Petersburg was at "Svirstoy" which was not even a village, but rather a collection of about 20-30 houses.
A woman with her family of goats
Svirstoy was where I came to appreciate the use of color in facades.  Certainly the big important buildings in St. Petersburg had a range of color,  but it was refreshing to see such variety in these houses.
This must have been the local commie hangout.
I think this was the local mob boss.  The stop at Svirstoy had what we would discover to be a constant at every location:  rows of kiosks selling touristy junk.   This guy pulled up in a new Mercedes, and walked around all the kiosks during our visit.
Saw evidence of kids, but very few kids themselves.
The heating plant for the village.  The heat is produced in a boiler in this building.  It is then distributed out to the homes through the insulated pipes.  It's a more efficient way to provide heat to a community than fueling and heating individual homes.
Some dachas along the river