ted perkins

Picture from New York Times Article:

Various match pictures...


I'm in the middle, #2, Hooker. Crouch.

Engage.  This is the most fun part of the game.






I've undertaken rugby as of fall 2003. 

It's really a lot of fun. honest.

The team I play with. 

A photo of me in uniform:


Other photos from rugby:

All those deadlifts for Sydney 2002 weren't for naught after all.  Thanks to W.  for this image.

Some photos from the Bingham Cup in London

Some old bag came to the opening party & gave a speech.  The Brits were all excited about her, though.

2004 Pride march.

Team Photo, 2004 East Coast Invitational.

There were a lot of guys taking pictures at the time, so I don't know who to credit.



Against Bull Moose RFC in Suffolk.  Apparently I got a concussion in this match & they packed me off to the ER for a CAT-scan. Funny, I don't recall.

Thanks to Jess Bunshaft for the following three images.

I'm so slow, by the time I get there, the party's over.