Removing the frame around the latch

John Hibbert wrote an excellent verbal description of the trim removal process and posted it on Brickboard. Much of this narrative is his.

Step 1. Open the tailgate fully.

Step 2. Remove the plastic surround which is part of the housing for the lever which opens the tailgate from the inside. This surround is held by 9 shallow 1"(2.5cm) long plastic lugs.

First, here are the locations of the lugs:
TOP EDGE ie edge closest to glass. (3 lugs in total). One lug can be found 2 3/4" (6cm) in from each side. The third lug is in the middle, 6"(15cm) from the edge.

SIDES: One lug on each side 1 1/2" (3.5cm) down from each top corner.


BOTTOM: (4 lugs in total) One lug can be found 1 1/2" (3.5cm) in from each side. The other 2 are to be found 4 3/4" (11.5cm) in from each side.

Start at the top right corner by sliding the flathead screwdriver between the carpet trim and the plastic surround 2 3/4" from the side. Push the screwdriver in firmly and gently twist at the same time. You will feel the lug come free. Repeat this process at the centre of each lug. (measurements given are the centres). The surround will come free. It is fragile.