ted perkins
Various adventures whilst I was living in Neuilly.


I had the opportunity to take a helicopter ride around Montlhery.  It was part of a gimmick of the Service de Promotion de Ventes where I worked at the time.    Random customers would receive a ticket for a ride around the countryside. 
La Defense

I would go rollerblading at La Defense on Sunday mornings.  It was ethereal - enormous plazas and open spaces, with no people.    There is a lot to be said for the statist-diktat approach to planning.  Certainly nothing like this could be done in the States, what with all the whiny-ass groups that try to stop things.

At the time, I was really thinking about juxtaposition of visual textures


Arc de Triomphe








Water Sculptures


Les Halles




For a kid who grew up in a podunk cowtown like Houston, the RER is damned impressive


They had the Americas Cup in Paris that summer.  Louis Vuitton was making a new suitcase to cart the thing around.


Of course, you can take the boy out of Texas but you can't take the Texas out of the boy.  The second time I lived in France, I was more mobile.  Avenue Foch always had the best parking.