ted perkins

Here's some photos from my first Powerlifting meet ever, at Gay Games Sydney 2002:




My results.  All values are in Kilos. I mean, please. I'm a novice, but not that novice.

Weight Class Squat Bench Dead Lift Total
90 Kg 140Kg 82.5 147.5 370
  Second attempt First attempt Third attempt  

Ok Fine, pounds

Weight Class Squat Bench Dead Lift Total
198 308 181.5 324.5 814


Here's the silver medal I won:

Here's the bronze, a "participation" medal.  I think it is nice that everyone goes home with a medal

They're both quite heavy.

Some Links:

Really interesting couple- I enjoyed meeting them at the Powerlifting event.

Powerlifting Bears (Although I really cannot fall into that category, It's nice that there is a group)

Gay Powerlifting



But that was 2000-2002, when I did the whole gym rat thing.   I did not touch a bar or a plate for about a year after November 2002.    been there, done that, I guess you could say.