ted perkins
I think I was more interested the building itself than what it contained.
Hermitage from across the river
Some detail work on the entrance gates at the Hermitage. 
a few steps down the stairs.
Meow Mix.
Forced Perspective Box.
Gloppy clock.   Most of the Russian stuff that was presented to us tourists was the gloppy gilded stuff.  too much 'gold'.
Plaza in front of Hermitage
want to know more?
Another nice example of the use of color in Russia.   We were told that a number of buildings were restored for St. Petersburg's tercentennial in 2003.  They did rather a nice job.  I hope they are as diligent in the maintenance as in the restoration.
Grave marker at the restored blue building.  If I recall correctly, this was a church.
This building is actually a pale shade of green.  Too bad the color in these photographs did not saturate very well.  The color would be stronger were it not for the fogging.
The proletarskaya station of the metro.
As we left St. Petersburg, there was a rainbow over the Neva River.