The handbrake cables are definitely one of the "might as wells."  The cables seem fine, and the handbrake would engage properly (unlike other CXs).  But, since I have easy access, and two new cables for cheap (ebay), what the hell.

It's actually not that difficult of a job.

Here is a of the parts. 

numbers in parentheses (3) refer to the numbers on the .

First, the cables should be completely disconnected from the calipers.  Unscrew the two nuts (21) (11mm wrench) and pull them free from the spring mechanism (9).  Sorry no pictures, as the calipers were already disassembled.

Then the cables should be disconnected from the equalizer (4) inside the car.  The equalizer is easily accessed.  It is under the center console.  Remove the panel or carpeting on the left side of the center console, next to the firewall.  The equalizer is under the air duct from the engine compartment.



Remove the metal clip (8) that wraps around the equalizer.


Use a blade screwdriver to prise the pins (6), (7) free from the bracket.


A spreader tool (similar to what you would use for circlips) is useful to remove the pins completely.  This is like a pair of pliers, but when you squeeze the handles, the jaws open.

Remove the pin (6) that connects to the handbrake handle rod first.  The bracket will be more easily moved, allowing you to better reach the pins (7) anchoring the cables.

After you have released both pins, the cables are now free to be pulled through the firewall.



Label each cable immediately when you remove it from the car, because..

they are of different lengths & you don't want to mix them up.  Why should you bother to label the old cables?  Well,


The packaging for your new replacement cables may or may not be marked for right/ left, and you can use the old ones to determine their location.  Label your new cables also.



Put the threaded end of the cable through the eyelet (15) on the suspension arms,

and then feed the firewall end of your new cable through the flexible panels in the wheelwells.  Or the other way around, it does not matter.


There is another guide loop (14) mounted to the rear of the crossbrace, just in front of the steering control unit.  There is a similar loop on the other side.

This loop was bolted to the air conditioner box.  I had the box out when I replaced the cable.

Feed the cables through the firewall

Reconnect the cables to the equalizer.  A pair of pliers is helpful to re-set the pins.  Don't forget the metal clip.