Citroen CX Clutch Renewal Citroen CX Clutch Replacement

For all the trouble necessary to pull the engine, replacing the clutch (usually the cause of an engine pull) is actually an easy and simple task.   Here is an image from the RTA.  Highlighted items were replaced.
  1. Diaphragm Spring
  2. Disc
  3. Alignment pins
  4. Hex Head Screws
  5. Washers
  6. Throwout Bearing
  7. Spring
  8. Fork




  1. Bushing
  2. Lever
  3. e-clip
  4. Return Spring


thanks to rta for the image


Here is the old clutch, before removal.
The bolts are socket flat head cap screws

You should have a set of these, a "Hex Bit Socket Set."  They attach to your ratchet just like a socket set.  You will not develop enough torque with an allen-key set to loosen these little suckers.  Plus, in several minutes,  you will need to tighten them with your torque wrench to the correct torque. 



Here is the flywheel, after removal of the clutch.  It is in pretty good shape.  A little scoring is ok.
I gave the flywheel a bit of a scrub with some steel wool, mainly to remove some of the surface rust.  Don't use any cleaning soaps or fluids, except for brake cleaner.  You want to have a clean dry surface, otherwise the clutch will chatter and slip.

One area to give a good cleaning is the timing marks

The new clutch, after installation: