The day's visit was in Veliko Turnovo, a University town.
We stopped first at the Veliko Turnovo Grand Hotel.  The hotel was interesting architecturally. Nice big open air plaza overlooking the valley.

Sideways approach to the idea of a balcony.




At the back of the plaza was a "Night Club"


Here's what it's like in the Bulgarian Night club.

Another part of the hotel has a dance floor, with one, yes just one  light.


Veliko Turnovo is situated on the slopes of a  valley.


Bulgaria Parking lot


No Food on the Bus!


Ummmmmm. how many architectural motifs can we pile onto one facade?

We were all pleasantly surprised by how well managed the farmland appeared to be.   Crops were healthy, orderly, and were being properly  maintained.  No fences, but that is a leftover of collectivisation.  Reminded a lot of France.



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