Briarhaven was a loooong time ago, before I was deemed a waste of film.
Dad & myself.
My sister, myself & Lucky.  Lucky was a few steps from the Elmer's Glue factory.  She loved to eat cigarettes, so we had to use cigs to lure her over. The only time that horse would move was for a Marlboro.    Absolutely refused to get saddled. 
One of the tanks & the main house.   There was once  a family of ducks living at the other end of the tank.
Dinner for months to come.  Briarhaven is mainly a cow/calf operation.  Squeeze 'em out in the spring, off to the feedlots in the fall, in the chest freezer in  November.
The ranch is outside of Athens, 'Black-Eyed Pea Capital of the World!"  During the 2004 Olympics some reporter asked Shrub if he was going to Athens.  "Athens, Texas?"  Fucking idiot.