ted perkins
Some state agency thought it a good idea to spend money on ads encouraging businesses in New York to hire employees who live in New York. Well, who the fuck else would they hire? This ad provoked a bit of dialogue, which is a bit rare. Normally the advertisements provoke comments related directly to the content.

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An attribution war here, and some commentary on the hipsters in Williamsburg


This was also in the BMT station on 14th street,   likely an expression of territorial chauvinism. Even though they did not get the quote entirely right.  It's bedbugs uptown, not roaches.


The comment on the child's forehead: "I love lead paint"  I'm sure the deconstructionist academics would have a ball discussing whether this is a commentary on NYC housing stock, the health of urban children, or racism.  The writer probably just thought it was funny, nothing more.