All kinds of blowed-up shit.

They let all this sit there since 1999.


Tennis anyone?  clay court, no less......... 

 At least they haven't fallen into the irretrievable decline of permitting non-white clothing.

What's missing from this picture?

The Serbs have a 'war museum'.  It was offered as one of the high points of the city. For a society so wrapped up in its military prowess, they sure have been everybody else's doormat.  Displays of armaments.



A map showing how the Americans all of NATO ganged up and bombed them for no reason whatsoever to get Milosovec out.  We weren't supposed to take pictures inside the museum.  I really didn't give a damn about their request.  Notice all the legends are in Cyrillic characters.  and the peeling paint on the wall. 


Some nice architectural jewels in the rough of decayed and bombed out buildings.  Nice treatment of the building corner on the latter three.



Here's the Serbian / Jugoslavian customs on the river.  Serb customs officials can be bought off with T-shirts.  The Romanians like orange juice. The Bulgarians like cartons of Marlboros. 



Seems like every city has some statue of a guy on a horse.  If the horse is standing on less than four legs, we're supposed to be impressed.  Would be even more impressive if the horse were supported on five legs, but I doubt anyone would make a statue like that.

I'm sure this was THE HOTEL during the commie era.  Looks like it's been fixed up since 'the change'. It's for sale.

again, nice corner treatment.


St. Sava's Church. still under construction.




Interesting use of the Orthodox Cross