Here I am  rowing at the Trophée des Rois at Versailles. This was in 95, when I was at HEC.  We raced against ESSEC, X and Sup'Elec.   I was  wearing my favorite shirt from the Dads; I forget which year. 

Here are two more shots, looking back at the Grand Bassin.


Here's another shot of the regatta.  This is not from any of my events, but it is still a good photo.  I pinched it from the ESSEC site.  In fact after looking at it again, it's a bit too good; Photoshop good...
My friend Arve came to watch the regatta & took some photos:

One Saturday afternoon we went into Courbevoie & rowed against SNBS in the Seine. No photos from the event though.

Société Nautique de la Basse-Seine


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