One of the items on the pushrod engine that needs periodic maintenance is the upper engine mount,  which anchor the block roughly at the center, just below the cylinder head.    Citroen made a running change,  switching from two small mounts to a single mount.  The mounts are commonly described by their shape "pork chop" and "dog bone" because they look like, well, a pork chop and a dog bone.

The rubber bushing in the porkchop is prone to wear,  likely a reaction of the rubber - like material to the heat and vaporized petroleum products in the engine bay. The result of a worn bushing is added vibration transmitted through the car.  I noticed it particularly when I would let off on the gas.   My 25GTi has L-Jetronic injection, which shuts off the fuel supply when the throttle is released and RPMs are above idle.  With worn mounts, the entire powertrain would lurch back in the mounts, sending a shudder through the car, ce qui casserait l'ambiance.

Visual inspection is usually sufficient to determine excessive wear of the bushing.  If it's worn, believe me, you'll see it!


Une des pièces susceptibles à l’usure est la biellette de suspension supérieure.  Ceci attache le moteur à la carrosserie.  La biellette relie le carter-cylindres à la carrosserie, à cote des leviers de vitesses. 

L’anneau en caoutchouc de la partie importante de la biellette se dégrade dans l’environnement d  es produites pétrolières, chaleur et vibrations.  Le résultat d’un anneau usagé est  une augmentation des vibrations transmises aux passagers.

Normalement, une inspection visuelle suffit pour déterminer que la biellette doit être remplacée.


Looking from starboard side

Looking from port side:


There are two routes to installing a replacement mount in your car:  Quick and expensive, or inexpensive and a little more time.   The incremental time in the inexpensive method is determined by how handy you are with a hacksaw.

Quick and expensive:  Buy a complete mount replacement from Western Hemispheres.  The complete mount is the metal arm, with bushings. 

Inexpensive and a little more time consuming:  Buy just the rubber bushing that has worn out.  The alloy arm itself really does not wear, and the smaller bushing on the firewall side also shows little wear.  Brian Primmer sells an excellent urethane mount kit, complete with instructions.   I paid about US $35, though pricing may vary depending on cross rates.

Here are his instructions.


Il y a deux moyens pour remplacer la biellette.  Vite et cher, ou moins cher en argent, mais nécessitant l'investissement d'un après-midi.

Vite et cher: acheter une biellette toute neuve.  Une biellette toute neuve aura l'anneau en caoutchouc.

Moins cher: remplacer simplement l'anneau en caoutchouc.  Toute l'usure est dans l'anneau, la biellette en alliage est normalement toujours en bon état.  J'ai acheté un anneau de Brian Primmer.  Le prix était 30 Euros.

En voici la mode d'emploi ecrit par M. Primmer.

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